Document Checklist

Documentation checklist for I20

1. All academic documents
2.Letter of Recommendation -2 for UnderGraduate and 3 for Graduate(one from Principle and one from Teacher would be fine
4.Letter from the Previous School and Colleges mentioning that student had studied in English Median (if there is no IELTS/TOEFL with student)
5.A very good Statement of Purpose (including Why USA? Why this Uni? Why this course? Future Planning? Academic details, Financial Sponsor, Why not in Nepal))
6.Updated CV with all academic/work and training details
7.Affidavit of Support or Deckaration of Finance
8.Bank Certificate from any A class Bank covering 1st year fees and 1st year Living cost


1.Appointment Confirmation (DS-160, You have to fill it before you take date)
2.SEVIS Conformation( Have to fill before you take the date)
3.Visa request Letter
4.Acceptance Letter(comes with I-20)
5.TOEFL/SAT/IELTS/GMAT/GRE( Don’t have to be the hard copy, print out works)
6.All Academic Transcripts, Character, Provisional, Migrations etc…
7.Recommendations from School/College/work
8.Certificate of extracurricular activities if any
9.I-20 and Acceptance of other Colleges and University if any
10.Certificate of extracurricular activities if any
11.Statement of Purpose
NOTE: Documents in Nepali are not required to be translated into English.

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