Document Checklist

Document Checklist for Australian High Commison for Student VISA

  1. Academic documents
  3. Passport
  4. Statement Of Purpose (SOP)
  5. Relationships certificates from municipality / VDC
  6. Citizenship ( all members included in relationship certificate and should translated in English)
  7. Annual income, around 12 to 18 lakhs from following sources
  • Income from sponsor salary
  • Income from business
  • Income from house rent
  • Income from land lease
  • Income from vehicle
  • Interest income from fixed deposit (case by case)
  1. Annual Income Verification from municipality / V .D. C
  2. Tax Clearance certificate from municipality / VDC
  3. Property valuation of 90 lakhs and above from municipality / V .D. C or civil engineer
  4. Bank balance certificate + Balance Statement
  5. Confirmation of Enrollment [COE]
  6. Final statement  SOP [personal statement should be 250 to 350 word with included information of personal background +  interest on subjects +  career plan]

In case of married applicant

  1. Marriage certificate from V. D. C / Municipality
  2. Relationship certificate from V. D. C / Municipality
  3. Marriage photographs
  4. Photographs of other family events or any occasion (optional)
  5. Evidence of joint account (optional)

Supporting documents of annual incomes

  1. If in case of salary : A proof letter from employer including information of salary amount, designation and duration of the holding job
  2. If in case of business : Audit report showing net income of the year and business registration and PAN / VAT certificates
  3. In case of house rent : An agreement letter between house owner and tenant
  4. If in case of land lease : An agreement letter between land owner and lassoes
  5. Income from vehicles : A letter from the Association of transportation including information of the route No. amount of earning and valuation of the vehicle
  6. Income of interest of fixed deposit: A letter from financial institutions about percentage of earning interest on your fixe deposit.

Documents to be translated:

  1. All Nepali written documents which will be used in visa purpose.
  2. Business Registration + PAN / VAT certificates
  3. Ownership Certificates of fixed assets, [Lalpurja, Bill Book, Pension Patta etc.]