Education System

Education System

Generally, from Nepal students applies abroad study after 12 and Bachelor level. Wide range of Courses is available for International Students. Scholarship or Grants are available for most of the courses in USA.

After 12, they apply for undergraduate. In USA, students can apply in Associate degree or Bachelor courses after 12.

Associate Degrees are normally of two years length. Associate degrees have low English requirement and affordable tuition fees in compare to Bachelor Level. Associate degrees can be studied into Universities/Colleges and Community Colleges. The fee structure in Community colleges is very affordable. One can get full credit to Bachelor Level after completion of Associate Degree. For example: if a student have completed 2 years associate degree than he/she requires to study only 2 years to complete bachelor level, being total duration bachelor 4 years.

Bachelor Degrees are normally of 4 years. Bachelor degrees can be studied in Community Colleges, Colleges and Universities. The fee structure of Bachelor Level varies college to college and University to University. The bachelor level are generally of 120 credit hours.

After Bachelor Level Student are eligible to apply for Master Level. The Master level in USA is of 36 credits hour in general. Students take 1.5 to 2 years to complete this duration. After Master Phd or Doctorate Courses are available.