My Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose is the most important part of your application that will tell the admissions committee who you are, what has influenced your career path so far, your professional interests and where you plan to go from here. It is an essay explaining your profile, academic details, purpose for chosen your course and country, your future career plan etc.

SOP must include:

  • The applicant profile with detail academic background
  • The reason why you interested to study the selected course
  • Reasons for deciding to pursue education at a particular institution and country
  • Any employment experience
  • Your specific career plan
  • Financial sponsorship detail, source of fund for abroad study

Statement of Purpose should be clear with all needy information contents. The brief description of each step is stated below:

1. Introduction

The first paragraph consists of your brief introduction. You have to state all your academic background detail in chronological order with respective dates.

2. Employment History

In case of gap in your previous study to your proposed study programme it should be fulfilled by your employment history during that period. It includes employment, training, intership, volunteer letter etc.

3. Course of Study and Destination

In this part you have to mention the reason for taking the proposed course clearly indicating your interest and benefits of the course for your career. Also the brief description for choosing proposed country and institution highlighting the best reason of that country and institution for international students.

4. Why not home country?

It is the very important subject matter of SOP. The applicant should clarify this question with reasonable description of choosing abroad study instead of home country. You should include the benefits of abroad study rather than continuing your further study in your home country.

5. Career plan

This is the major part of the SOP which should be clear and specific. You have to explain the duration of your course completion and how it will help you in your career path. You need to clearly elaborate your career goals specifically and how overseas qualification will help you achieved them. Your

6.Some other points that is to be mention on SOP are

  • Why That Country?
  • Why Not other Country?
  • Why that City?
  • Why that University?
  • Why that Course?
  • Visa conditions?
  • Job oppurtunities after return Back to home country?

Sample Of SOP