About Processing Step – Study in UK from Nepal

The UK is currently the most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, besides the United States and Australia. Many international students prefer to study in the UK from Nepal and different parts of the world because of the cultural diversity, welcoming residents, and great education quality. The UK is a world leader in numerous fields of education such as engineering, science, art and design, business and management, law and finance, etc. And the UK’s reputation and legacy as a world center for scientific research make it an attraction for some of the very best scholars in the world. The UK offers a world-renowned education system with qualifications that can create a real difference in our future. It attracts over 600,000 international students each year for numerous programs, varying from English language programs to PhDs. Reasons to choose the UK for further studies are listed below:

  • The UK universities consistently rank amongst the best in the world and their qualifications are internationally reputed and certified.
  • The UK undertakes 5 percent of the world’s scientific research and produces 14 percent of the world’s most frequently cited papers.
  • UK institutions offer the flexibility of choice and enable us to blend academic and vocational courses of our choice.
  • The teaching and study methodology used in the UK presents you the freedom to be artistic and strengthen your skill sets and confidence.
  • As a student we will get the opportunity to be taught by the world-leading academics and experts; also we get to benefit from their constant academic support.
  • The UK is the home of English therefore it is an excellent place to develop language skills and improve employment prospects.


Here you can find the UK student visa process step by step if you want to study in the UK from Nepal. You can find the list of things that we will do for you:

Pre Screening:

It is the initial stage where we analyze student’s percentage, pass year, gap if any, students’ language proficiency, country interested, and course interested.

After the pre-screening we will provide clarification to students by helping with the following:

– Counselling to source appropriate institutions and courses.

– Assistance with application procedures (including a personal statement of purpose)

– Link you with the relevant institution to secure an offer for your preferred course

– Advice on study visa and assistance with the application procedures as below

Step-1 Apply for Offer from University/ College

It is the first step towards the process of enrolling in a UK university/college. College / University offers your Offer Letter – Issue based on academic documents and IELTS certificate.

*Documents required for Offer

  • Academic Documents (Marksheet, Transcript, Completion Certificate, Provisional, Certificate of all levels)
  • Passport
  • English Language Proficiency Certificate ( IELTS, PTE,…)
  • Gap/ Experience Letter (If Applicable)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Detailed CV
  • Three Recommendation Letter (Work/ Education)

Step-2 NOC (No Objection Letter) from Ministry of Education.

Step-3 Fee Payment to University.

Step-4 Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies( CAS)

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies or CAS is an electronic document issued by the college or university for you. It is issued by the college or university that you have preferred to study at. Your CAS will be valid for six months from the date of issue for a student visa application.

*Documents required for CAS

  • TB Test
  • Swift Receipt
  • Bank Balance Certificate and Statement (28 days matured)
  • Parent Consent Letter
  • Birth Certificate
  • Relationship Certificate

Step-5 Visa Lodge

Documents for Visa

  • Filled Application Form and Application Letter- TIER 4 (General Student)
  • Original Passport and Photos
  • CAS
  • Education Document (As mentioned on CAS)
  • Financial Document
  1. Bank Balance Certificate, Bank Account Statement (Statement should be latest and needs to be taken out after payment is made to the university)
  2. Sponsorship Declaration (Consent Letter)
  3. Relationship Certificate, Birth Certificate
  • English Language Certificate
  • Police Report
  • Medical Certificate (TB Test Report)

Contact us if you need any information about the processing to Study in the UK from Nepal.

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