About Costing

Below listed is the cost required for first 6 month.

Tuition fee 3024 USD/ Sem NRS 306000
Application fee 70 USD NRS 7140
Visa application fee 17000 NRS NRS 17,000
Sevis fee 200 USD$ NRS 20,400
Visa Fee 200 USD$ NRS 20,400
Air ticket 60,000 NRS NRS 60,000
Pocket money 2500 USD$ NRS2,55,000( Optional )
  Total NRS 4,30,940 ( Here Pocket Money is not added  )


Here the above mentioned costs are approximate cost. Above costs are for 1st six months. The pocket money is not exact. As per the rule of Government of Nepal One student can take only upto 2500 USD or below that. Hence Pocket money is not added in above Total cost. As per the tuition fee, College/University can request student to pay tuition fee for more than 6 months as well in Advance. The exchange rate had been assumed as NRS 102 equals to 1 USD.


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