Asar 15, the National Paddy Day marks the busiest day of the year for farmers in Nepal.

It is the official rice plantation day, when paddy seedlings are transplanted from seed beds to muddied fields.

Asar 15 falls on the middle of the Nepali month Asar every year. During this day, farmers throughout the country are busy on planting paddy in their fields and enjoy the day by singing, dancing, playing mud and eating the special “Dahi Chiura”.

Dahi Chiura is the tradition of eating yogurt and beaten rice on the day as a lunch.

Asar Pandhra is also known as the rice plantation festival that marks an important day in Nepal where agriculture is one of the top income sources of people.

The month of Asar is the favorable for the rice plantation when the monsoon rain falls.


Singing, dancing, playing games in the mud and eating Dahi Chiura is the tradition of Asar Pandhra festival. In the recent years, this date is celebrated as festival with various rituals and events. There are many programs on this date organized by the NGOs, Nepal Government and other private organizations.

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